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Wondering how to choose the best type of ID card for your business?

We understand how difficult it is to find the best type for anything that is connected to the image and reputation of your business. Since we understand your complications we have come up with a solution for you.

First thing you should know is conducting research before taking any step is crucial. If you want things to be done in the right way you should work on your research skills.

When it comes to ID cards they have a diverse range to choose from. Each type has its unique advantages, flexibility, and disadvantages. But one thing you should take into consideration while choosing the type is industry. Pick the card according to the industry because every industry-type card contains its accessories and software.

Choosing from many variations and features can be an overwhelming task. To assist you in your search for the ideal ID card keep scrolling this informative blog. You will get a better understanding of the various types of identity cards available and which functionality and features match your particular business needs. 

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Different Kinds Of Identity Cards

There are various kinds of identity cards and each of them is unique because of their unique specification. Let’s explore what these different kinds are and what makes them distinctive from each other so that it would help you when going for an ID card printing service.

1.   PVC Cards

So these types of cards are made of plastic. Talking about its back it has both adhesive and non-adhesive. The smaller size of such a card is around R 80 which is approximately equal size to your credit card. The thickness of the card lies between 10 to 80 mil depending on your choice and preference. They can be either landscape or portrait as per your preferences.

2.   Proximity Cards

These types of cards have an immersive antenna that keeps data. They are also known as electronic cards because they are utilized on special data readers. The data can easily be read when the card is positioned in closeness to the reader. They are widely used by big organizations or multinational corporations. 

3.   Pre-printed Cards 

These are the cards that are personalized for specific purposes.  A variable data field is used for printing. Most of the time they are used to print large volumes for personal usage. This type of card has no distinctive name, position, or data field. The design contains a barcode and uniform title. Other forms of cards include school IDs, magnetic stripe cards, visitor access cards, etc. 

 Kinds Of ID Cards Lamination

There are two types of ID card lamination:

1.   Clear Lamination

 This is highly preferred when a clear protective layer is applied to the card. No images and designs are printed for this lamination

2.   Holographic Lamination

 This can be called a personalized type of lamination. This includes printing an image or design on the clear laminate before it is transferred to the ID card. This type of card is widely used by organizations to avoid copying ID cards by not relating person of the company. This type of card gives a more expensive look because of its shiny and sheen appearance.

Advantages Of Identity Cards

Identity cards are advantageous for your business in multiple ways. Out of many reasons we have mentioned a few of them below.

1.   Security

They provide a strong sense of security to your business. It stops third parties and outsiders from getting involved in your business and its activities.

2.   Brand Acknowledgment

Your ID cards are similar to small business cards. When attending a meeting with clients, stakeholders, and shareholders it gives a more look and help in introducing your business to other people.

3.   Tracking

One of the best features of ID cards is they are easy to personalize. They can be personalized as time cards which helps in monitoring security and tracking your staff.

4.   Design

They must be designed using appropriate images, logos, and colors. If you don’t have good design skills or have no professional graphic designer to design you should contact a professional. There are many free online templates that you can use for your design. However, when designing there are different design elements you must take into consideration such as:

5.   Color

Your brand colors decide your design and therefore accurate shades must be incorporated when designing to eliminate every type of error when printing.

6.   Font

Your card has important information written on it so it is a must to use clear font to ensure legibility and clarity of detail.

7.   Logo And Images

The picture you desire to use on your design is whether any image or logo is a must to have it in premium quality. Images with the formats like PNG, JPEG, or, PDF with high resolution are highly preferred. If you are looking for someone to print cards for your business in bulk then there are various agencies for ID card Ireland you can contact any reputable service provider to assist you in printing cards.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are various kinds of ID printing?

There are many types of ID printing but two of them are main.

  1. Direct-to-card
  2. Reverse transfer

The direct-to-card transfer is due directly to the blank cards. While reverse-used printers transfer or print images on black cards.

  1. What are various types of ID cards?

 There are many options when it comes to cards. You can either opt for single side, plastic print, double side, vertical size, rectangular size, digital size, and many more.

  1. What is a PVC card?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a powerful plastic material that is the most professional type of ID card printing. These materials provide a smooth, polished appearance that shows all the branding details vividly.

Let Us Conclude

 So, the first thing you need to pay attention to is research. Make sure you research well and decide what you want actually. It is necessary to consider different types of printers and cards. Compare them and analyze which of them fulfills most of your requirements. Researching always helps in making fruitful decisions that will help you to step towards triumph.

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